Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000 Erste Stiftung Collage City Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000

a collective memory 1950-2000 is a digital archive with images from romania especially but not only from 1950 and 2000

the archive contains images from different regions and places (cities or villages) shot in public or private occasions, captured by professional or amateur photographers, and gathered in private or public collections and family albums. these images, snapshots of everyday life or staged photographs are actually personal stories that could recreate, for today’s researchers, the history they carry.

the archive is flexible and permanently opened to donations and any type of collaboration. since 2008, we have collected images of any format, size, subject or type on photographic paper, film, negatives, diafilm etc ; we have analyzed and archived the images and then we uploaded them, together with their personal stories and information about the authors or the collection they belong to, when that was possible.

the archive is more than just images and their stories together into a great and nostalgic album of romania. our purpose is to recuperate, collect and display a considerable number of images and to make use of the reach mnemonic load of the archive in order to provide the resource for future cultural-anthropological, artistic, historical, sociological studies.



andrada catavei | art historian | project coordinator
raluca velisar | curator | research coordinator

ioana daia | anthropologist | researcher