Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000 Erste Stiftung Collage City Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000
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c: there is an entire range of colored photos taken in the house at different ages. they are made by puiu zeronian, who still lives and is over 70 years old but very young as spirit..
he was and still is a photographer for weddings and families. he was a friend of my father’s brother, who died long ago, but it came out that he was a life-long friend with the neighbor, our former neighbor right over the fence. i saw him again at the neighbors and he could naturally not remember me, but i had known him since my childhood and was very amused to see him again.
he was periodically taking family pictures of us. as he was a professional or semi-professional, he was taking pictures of us as if we were at the photographer’s shop, you know. and the idea that he was taking pictures was nice. he came very 1-2 years, in the evening and took pictures of us.
mc: but were you paying him?
c: yes, we did.
mc:  just to get an idea…it was expensive? cheap?
c: no…i believe it was very affordable.




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CATEGORY : private family
THEME : 3 people | interior
TYPE : fotografie | jpg | color