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c:  my folks were godparents at the beginning of the 80’s.
vasile and olga were the bridal pair. i don’t know, father had hired one of them, something like that and he felt responsible at the time. they had many godchildren of this kind: people he had helped in the factory, to get employed in the medicine factory and then named him as godfather, although my folks had never been married in church, but they were often godparents.
mc: is the church in bucharest? or where is it?
c: it is a church from bucharest. a small district church, i believe it was somewhere in the salajan square.
here is my sister and i was also a small child. so it must have been somewhere … around 1980 or ’81 according to how i look.
mc:  you are the one with the white cap
c: and the sports outfit … yes, i remember. it was a very beautiful blouse, but still sports outfit.
they had made for my sister a dress at the dressmakers. yes, yes, she was dressed like a young lady, so…very aristocratic. my mother was very beautiful. mother always looked 10 years younger.
mc: and did one wear a veil if she was a godmother?
c: yes… a hat veil. they used to wear it. it was according to the standard. men wore both a shirt-frill and a bow-tie, which was horrible.
mc: what is a shirt-frill?
c: the shirt-frill is that ornament on the shirt, at the level of the buttons.
mc: ah... which is fixed with the buttons! and the bouquet on the chest … do you remember that?
c: they used to be worn. but i don’t think the standard has changed very much in this view. well, the flowers to be pinned to the chest were hideous. the bridegroom had the biggest one and the godfather the next one in size. the two fathers of the bridegrooms had a smaller size and then the plebs. i’m sure of that.
mc:  were the flowers natural or made of plastic?
c: they were natural flowers, they have never been made of plastic.





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