Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000 Erste Stiftung Collage City Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000
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c: here they were putting them the chaplets on…
mc:  and who is this, the brother? or…?
c: i believe he was the bridegroom’s brother.
mc: but do you still know them?
c: ahhh...yes...she [the bride] died. they divorced, my folks were not very lucky as godparents
mc: have all of them divorced?
c: almost all… she died of a disease. they have two girls. he [the bridegroom] moved to germany in ’88-’87 thereabouts… i don’t know, he left… he found somebody 10 years older only to move out, she took his girls away, the scandal was huge, with mourning. she died very young, below 40, of leukemia. but i have not kept a close relation.




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CATEGORY : public wedding
THEME : 4 people