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mc: who was the photographer?
c: an amateur photographer from the family of the wedding party. they were generally photographers, who were known, without having any public advert and on such occasions they were taking pictures. they had one or two could find in the same way, by hearsay, those who ensured the music for weddings …
mc:  a wedding is an event! can you remember the perfumes that were used?
c:  there were some turkish ones, probably such that appeared after the revolution …  there were some horrible sprays and the perfumes were at the level of… for example, who had a fa soap and a fa perfume was high-class. then … there was the romanian product, farmec, which was very ok. i don’t know, these are such that i remember …  guban shoes…
mc:  for great occasions?
c: for great occasions, yes…with sole…. the daily shoes with micro-porous sole, according to the saying: micro-porous  marked my childhood
mc: why?
c:  i don’t know, my mother had some and she continuously explained to me that such were good because they had micro-porous sole.




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CATEGORY : public wedding
THEME : 6+ people