Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000 Erste Stiftung Collage City Memorie Colectiva 1950-2000
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c: behind my father is the father of the bridegroom, who was a foreman in the factory. my father was the head of the mechanical department at the medicine factory and he was a sort of smaller leader. he was highly respected and he was also very serious on such occasions and he was a party-man. they had periodical outings, for example to refresher courses of the communist type, where they actually partied in an frightening way and they were usually without the wives, children, pets, etc. ..
to the right is also olga, the mother of vasile, the bridegroom’s mother. no, no, olga was the wife! i can’t remember her name, but she was very annoying, extraordinarily annoying and a gossip.




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CATEGORY : public wedding
THEME : 6+ people